Brand New Training From Deborah Idowu Reveals…

How To Identify And Create Hot Selling Information Products.


Information Product Research

How to do a comprehensive research in other to identify what type of information products are in demand and would sell really fast when launched.

Information Product Testing

Simple methods to testing your market, this helps to ascertain that the results of your research is exactly what your audiences are in need of and by doing that you can be sure your information products will sell.

Information Course Creation

Includes course and content creation, know how to compile information and knowledge in ways that would keep your audiences not only interest but ready to buy your information product

How to avoid Common Mistakes Creators make

Revealing many common mistake content creators make and how to avoid them

What People Are Saying...

Thank you so much Debby. You're touching lives in amazing way by teaching ppl to fish rather than fish for them. God will continue to bless the works of your hands.
Abasi Nne
Last week,I held an online training for 2k. Exactly 270 people paid for the training which commenced yesterday on WhatsApp. I'm amazed that I could make over 500k within a week. In fact, people have started paying for the next batch of the training which will start next week, and I'm trusting God for much more than 500k this time around I cannot thank you enough for showing me the way. God bless you real good sir. You are simply the best