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Free webinar on digital marketing, ECOMMERCE AND INFORMATION MARKETING

Sunday Oct 19, 5PM


About the Webinar

E-commerce, Digital Marketing and information Marketing

E-commerce/ Digital Marketing

At the webinar, the facilitators will be teaching about the following: 
Profitable E-commerce Business Model.
The Local Retail Arbitrage Business Model.
 Setting up a fully functional E-commerce Website using Website building software like WordPress. 
Payment structures and good delivery system work. 
Methods of advertising using Paid Ads.
Email marketing and Ads retargeting etc. 
The aim of this webinar is for you to have an in depth understanding of the E-commerce business or grow an existing one by implementing advanced E-Commerce Marketing Strategies.

Information Marketing

At this Webinar, the Facilitators will teach the following :
How to create Information Product, package Information products and publish Information Products.
Easy Steps to creating an Online Course.
Mistakes to Avoid as an Online Course Creator.
Information Product Research 
 How to sell thousands of your Information Products offline and online.

Date & Time: Tuesday
19th September 2020


Nigeria's Most influential Digital marketing coaches

Omiyale Yomi

CEO The Hagital Group

Deborah Idowu

Founder Achievers Virtual Club